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What is a granulator?

Granulators are machines that have a mechanical system whose function is to reduce particles from their natural size to a smaller size, previously established by granulometry parameters.

Types of granulators

The mechanism of the granulators can be oscillating or continuous movement. The most used are those with the continuous movement which are used for a powder with a higher flowability. While the oscillating motion are more used for a powder with a lower flowability. Both of them crush the material that is introduced. Once the material has been crushed, it is forced to go through a sieving process. The sieving process refers to the passage of the granules or grains obtained from crushing through a series of meshes whose pores have different sizes. These meshes are known as sieves.

The purpose of the sieving process to which the particles are subjected inside the granulators is to do a kind of filtering by size, so that only the finest and smallest grains can pass through the sieves whose pores are smaller.

Once it has gone through the sieving process, homogenization of the size of the particles is achieved, they can be given the necessary treatment, depending on their purpose.

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