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Ventajas De La Compactación

Advantages of compaction

More and more companies are deciding to convert their product into a compact tablet. At Bonals Technologies we are specialists in compaction and we offer you all types of machines that can help you achieve a perfect final product. Below, we explain all the advantages that you can obtain thanks to this process:

  • The tablets are manufactured following environmentally friendly processes: water and energy consumption are optimized.
  • This translates into an optimization of logistics, thanks to volume reductions: up to 20 times fewer trucks for transport. It means significant economic savings and fewer CO2 emissions. Therefore, by compacting you are greatly benefiting the world and your production costs.
  • Your warehouse will also benefit. This compact format saves storage space
  • In conclusion: Compact format = easy to transport and store.
  • The compressed powder guarantees effectiveness equivalent to that of liquid products and a longer shelf life than that of the liquid.
  • Other positive aspects are that the compacted product does not drip and does not corrode.
  • Nowadays, online sales do not stop growing and represent an absolutely leading market in terms of sales. A compacted product is ideal for online sales and bulk sales: reduced weight and volumes are perfect for home delivery.
  • By saving plastic packaging, it requires less space and produces less waste as the plastic bottle can be reutilized.

In short, compacting will help you give a totally new approach to your product and expand your market. Differentiate yourself from others and compact, take advantage of the present and contribute to the future!

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