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Bouillon cube press machines

Helping you design, deploy and operate the complete bouillon line

Successful bouillon compacting and packaging requires a broad range of technologies, expertise, and services that Bonals Technologies and its partners uniquely offer.

Best-in-class equipment performance across the range,
from medium to high-speed bouillon lines


From concept explorations to producing commercial tablets, our Innovation Center helps you develop your own bouillon recipe, find the best ingredients mix, and test it to address the needs of more and more demanding customers for gluten-free products, other flavors, lower in sodium and free from added flavor and MSG.

Controlling the formulation of your recipe highly reduces your time-to-market and contributes to your overall line efficiency. In fact, apart from the temperature and humidity, the quality of ingredients is key. For example, fat with a low melting point could require more frequent cleaning, caused by dehydrated vegetables, meat stock, fat, MSG, salt, and seasonings.

Bouillon cube press machine

Mixing, Granulating and Feeding equipment

The complete range of batch-type Horizontal Turbulence Mixers (MHT) is designed to mix solids and fat together. For better flowing, the screw conveyor combined with the G-series granulators turns heterogeneous solid product into homogenous granules.


Designed to mix solids and fat together, for  intensive and swift batches, the plough type blades creating turbulences when rotating at high speed.


Designed to turn heterogenous solid product into homogenous granules for better flowing and direct use or compaction.


Vertical or Horizontal press feeding for continuous dosing applications of powders and granules with absolute safety.

Compacting - Cube press machines

Our innovative rotary press range, from medium-to-high speed, helps you deliver high-quality cubes and tablets with maximum efficiency from any challenging powders.


We partner with Sapal and Theegarten-Pactec wrapping solutions to complete the full bouillon line.

Combined with our P20 press, Sapal offers the DBD 0500 and 0600, single format machines with twin wrapping heads, three-side heat seals. Furthermore, for higher wrapping output rates, we enable direct connection between our P40 press and the Theegarten-Pactec BCW-ECO, and our M40D with the Theegarten-Patec BCW3, both with simultaneous feeding and wrapping twin-lane execution.

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