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Cosmetic powder press machines

Helping you design, deploy and operate the solid cosmetic line

Successful solid cosmetics compacting and packaging requires a broad range of technologies, expertise and services that Bonals Technologies uniquely offer.

Why start with Solid Cosmetics?

The advantages of a water-less solution


  • Optimized logistics thanks to compressed volumes
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • No more water transportation
  • No more plastic


  • Innovative packaging
  • Space saving
  • Right dose, no waste


  • Longer product life time
  • Without preservatives
Cosmetic powder press machine

How to start in solid cosmetics?

1. Formulation Development

  • Select the right raw materials for a unique consumer experience, high line OEE and good return of investment.
Cosmetic powder press machine

2. R&D Tests

  • To determine if the powder has good properties to be compressed in tablets.
  • To confirm the good powder/press interaction to guarantee a good production line OEE.
  • To send you samples to confirm tablet quality and your customer interest.
  • To optimize formulation cost
  • To assess final line production capacity (OPEX)
  • To identify the most suitable industrial equipment (CAPEX)

3. Technology Transfer

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