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Operations-easy Bonals Technologies

Operations made easy

Our advanced Human Machine Interface (HMI) offers a simple and intuitive operating system to ease operations, minimize human errors while optimizing maintenance and operator training.

Its touch screen ranges from 15’’ to 19’’ and brings direct access to comprehensive process graphics and key functions via pictogram buttons, helping operators to setup production parameters such as powder flow, product weight, and height adjustment, compression load, turret speed, etc., to run and to monitor operations.

When paired with our SmartPress application, the HMI offers extra-functionalities:

  • SmartPress Condition Monitoring – enables you to record, analyze and protect your current press condition. Combined with our remote diagnostic services, we help you analyze your data to increase the reliability, performance, and availability of your press, ensuring maximum productivity.
  • SmartPress Maintenance – provides additional support to your press operators with 3D tutorials and product documentation directly from the interface.
  • SmartPress Production reporting – enables you to calculate and analyze your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in real-time, based on data collected and sent by mail. It helps you manage production efficiency through shared goals, understand where to find potential for improvement, and prioritize actions in order to improve efficiency.
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